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The UK's first multi venue fitness membership built by you


MoveGB is your chance to get access to ANY fitness venues that you want and 
build your perfect fitness membership

Request the venues that you want and you'll get 1 month's free discovery credit to get you started when they launch!


Check out the map and if you don't see the activities that Move you then request them on the form below now and be part of the movement



Existing venues already available on a Move membership


Explore locations:

Which venues are missing for your perfect fitness membership?

Can't think of them right now? Keep an eye out while you're out and about!



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See something you'd like on Move? Just tag @MoveGB and tag the venue you want too



  Tell your Move Coach Team message_icon_1.svg

Our Move Coach Team take any and all venue requests and are there to make your Move membership tailored to you
Contact us in your Move App or on 0345 519 6626 or  



form_icon_25603.pngFill in the form on this page

This sends your request direct to one of our Activity Scouts who'll get in touch on your behalf





How will I know when my custom built membership is ready to use?

When you request venues with Move we'll get in touch with them and let you know when they are live and ready for your perfect fitness mix!


What's discovery credit?

Many venues on the Move network offer a discovery pass so that you can try them out without purchasing a membership. When your requested venue goes live we'll get in touch to let you know and show you how to sign up for it! 

Discovery credit is only available to new or returning members so if you have a live membership at the time then you won't be able to use this credit (you'll already have better access!) however you can always pass it onto a friend.


How many venues can I request?

As many as you like! We'll do our best to make them all available but some partnerships take longer than others to form due to the size and scale of the businesses and our process to make sure that you get the best, unrestricted and unlimited experience in a Move membership. 


Can I still use Move in the meantime while you get my venues ready?

Yes! If your perfect mix is not quite ready but you'd still like to get started using other venues on the network then you can register at any time and it's easy to change your plan later to suit your venue choices if needed.