Opt into the Activity Provider Support Fund to support your local fitness providers through COVID-19.

Many of our activity partners are small independent business and we understand that this period will be extremely difficult for them. So, we're implementing an Activity Provider Support Fund. If you were a member in the month of February 2020 then you can opt into this fund and support the partners that you attended.

By opting into this Fund you're ensuring that the providers you attended last month get paid at least the same from you this month, even if you are unable to attend at all.

Many providers are choosing to offer classes on Live Stream so why not keep active by booking into these to support the community even further.

To opt in please just fill in the form below. This will leave your membership live and add you to the list of supporters, we'll then do the rest to allocate portions of our contribution to your local providers on your behalf.

Your support is crucial to the community and so we want to say a massive thank you on behalf of all the providers that you'll help by opting into this fund. 


Hit the button below to opt in now