You've just dropped to check out your local classes or maybe you're a keen Mover who needs a new active fix!


What is Move?

Live Happy. Live Healthy.

When we're active we feel awesome and squeeze the most out of life. We're on a mission to make living a healthy and happy life a lot easier for us all. 

Activity is key to this, but we've all been there - joined a gym and then stopped using it after just a few weeks. 

Variety is the secret to staying active, so we've teamed up with the best fitness and activity providers to make it easy to workout whenever and wherever is most convinient for you.



What is a Movelist and why do I need one?

Everyone's Movelist is unique to them! Your Movelist is like your activity playlist. Any activity that you can find on your page is available for you to attend, you just have to add it to your Movelist first :)

You can have as many activities as you like on your Movelist and you can then pick and choose each day which ones you would like to do depending on which times suit you!

All activities will stay on your Movelist either until you choose to remove them, or the class becomes no longer available. If this happens we will send you a quick email letting you know so that you do not turn up and get a nasty surprise when the class is not on!

Please note - An activity will appear on your Movelist for every day and time that it is available. You just need to check that the activity is available on the day and time that you wish to go. 



How do I book an activity?

All activities have their own attendance instructions. When you're searching for activities you will see that all activities have a button on the right hand side.

If you have not added it to your Movelist yet then this will say Add to Movelist. Click it if you think you fancy doing it at some point!





Once added to your Movelist a screen will pop up saying how to book or if you just drop in. Some classes you can book online, some will need you to call the venue directly.



If you'd like to see a map and find out more info on the activity just click on the activity name on the search and this will take you through to the activity information page.



How can I get my friends started with Move?

Just click 'Invite friends' in the menu on your MoveUSA page and send them an invite to get started with Move. They will need to create their own MoveUSA account so that they can register at the centre.

We have options to invite by SMS, Email or sharing on Facebook so you pick the option easiest for you, or just all three!




How much does it cost? 

A Move membership is built around you so the prices vary depending on how much you want to exercise and where. Starting from $5/wk up to hundreds to suit top boutique fitness studios, bottom line is you can't put a price on your happiness and health so we make sure there is something to fit your budget and keep you moving. Just click price plans in your MoveUSA page to learn more about the plans to suit you.



That sounds too good to be true? 

No, it's true, we send the venues loads of Movers so we get great rates and pay them per visit. This allows us to offer this awesome membership for just a bit more than a normal gym membership!



What is your fair usage policy?

Getting active once per day is easily enough to keep your fitness at an optimal level so this frequency will be supported by the cost of your Super Active or Premium Passport where your first seven activities are included in your monthly membership fee. If you want to treat yourself to more than seven activities each week then your MoveUSA Passport will benefit you by providing you with 10% off the Pay as you go rate of everything you attend. 

If you are reaching this highly active level then we want to hear from you and help to share your story with our Move community!



What are the fees for cancelling late or not showing up?

Both us and our Move Partners do what we can to ensure that we fill all possible class slots.

All classes booked online need to be cancelled online at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot attend. Classes booked after this time will therefore not be available to cancel. 

If you are still unable to make your class please do contact our team so that we can help try to avoid no-show fees with the venues.

The charge for a late cancellation or for not attending a booked session is $15 for standard classes and $25 for premium classes. This can be charged as the reports from venues are collected at any time in the month following your missed session



You say you provide 'coaching'. What does this mean? 

We want to get, but most importantly KEEP you active. We pride ourselves on providing an awesome service and have a team of Move Coaches whose sole job is to work with you to keep you active - kinda like your own personal fitness shopper! Feel free to call us any time on 1 855 6683 001. 



Who is this person who keeps talking to me?

Our coach team are here to help and we like to reach out to you to ensure that we do what we can to get you moving towards your goals, it's our only job!



So don't be afriad, say hi and see if we can help you find new activities that suit you!

If you have ANY questions at all or just need some help managing your MoveUSA account please use this messenger to fire over your thoughts, or just call us if it is more urgent. Our number is 1 855 6683 001 and we're here to help 8am - 9pm every day.



Is there a contract? 

No, the whole point of Move is it's a membership designed around YOU. So you choose when to downgrade, upgrade, cancel or freeze. All instant and all online. Finally a fitness membership you can control!

To change your membership plan or deactivate it for a while just click here to visit your account settings page and you'll see these options available at the bottom of your membership settings column



 Can I freeze my membership?

If you want to put this paid time on hold for a couple of weeks while you are on holiday or for any other reason then you can do this for a small charge of $5/week. Then on your requested date you will return to all unused time. A service unique to MoveUSA! If you wish to attend an activity in this time for any reason then you still can and you'll just pay but with 10% off of the rate. 

*You can do this up to 5 times every year so is ideal for using over breaks for holidays or the big annual intense work week! 

To get this sorted before the manic packing for your trip begins, just let us know as far in advance as you like with the dates that you would like your membership to be frozen from and until, and we'll have this arranged!



Can I request a new venue?

Our team at MoveUSA is working hard to make the widest range of activities in your city available under one membership, this means that we are always on the lookout for new activities and venues to add to our list. 

If you are looking for an activity or venue and cannot yet see it on our search page, then we will promise to contact them and do our best to make that available to you with your MoveUSA Passport so that you can keep active doing the activities that you want. You'll even be the first to know when we are able to make them available to you in your Move Membership.