Stronger together

Our research proves that people who do a wider range of fitness activities stay active for longer. So you earn more money from more visits per week and for a longer period of time from each customer.

Visit frequency 

Members who attend multiple fitness operators work out 6.5 times per month, versus an average 3.5 times per month for single operator members.

Length of stay

The average length of a multi-operator fitness membership is 22.3 months versus 10.6 months for single operators.


After 12 months, 67% of multi-operator fitness users retain active membership in comparison only 42% of single operators members at the same point.

Partnership that builds loyalty

A proven way to gain new customers and re-engage lapsed customers.

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1320 new customers added

Drove over 16000 visits

Re-engaged 168 lapsed members

True lifetime value

The lifetime value of a Move multi-operator fitness member (£720) is almost double the value of a single-activity member (£378) because of the longer member retention and higher price-point.

From 2020 ukactive ‘Member Choice’ report

Priced to help your business

List your physical and virtual activities on the Move Fitness Marketplace with over 200k users for FREE.

Initial set up cost of £50


Move handles all transactions and pays you every month

Attract a share of revenue from Move's most loyal members

You keep 90% of the income you generate*

*After payment processing fees

Feel the love 

Multi-operator average a Net Promoter Score of 82.0 versus 33.4 for single operator.

“The variety of fitness keeps me motivated and I've tried so many new things too. I feel like I'm subscribed to fitness”

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