Combat against single-use plastic bottle

MoveGB will be giving away high quality re-useable double walled water bottles (RRP £20) across 44 Sheffield fitness partners throughout February 2019 to all active people in Sheffield - Movers, your own customers and their friends! Aiming to combat single-use plastic and get people enjoying fitness in 2019 whilst reducing their environmental footprint!

We believe everyone should be doing what they can to help reduce the use of plastic in the world. It's a big mission but we're hoping we can do our little bit to help make Sheffield reduce its use of plastic. MoveGB members are often the most active in their city, taking in their healthy dose of water during workouts, so if we can help them avoid using plastic, that's a start! By providing a high quality reusable bottle that's designed to last, we hope people will use it as a sign of their commitment to stop buying bottled water and help us continue to invest in initiatives to protect our world

Spread the word #MoveAgainstPlastic 

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