🤝 What you can expect from our service

What can you expect from our support when you get in touch? 

    • Friendly and personal

      We genuinely care about our members and partners, and love to have a chat! You won’t find any scripted replies here!
    • Quick response times

      It sucks to wait around for ages, our target is to reply as quickly as possible, with a max turnaround time of 2 days. If your enquiry is urgent just give us a call and we’ll help you right away! If you have to leave a voicemail we’ll get back to you ASAP!
  • Honest 

    We’re still a young company, and we don’t always get things right! We learn from your experiences and always want to hear your opinion! We will always pass on any feedback to the relevant team and do our best to improve!
  • Down to earth
    You won’t find any super formal language from us, we’re all equals and we just want to have a chat and help you out! We feel passionately that calling for help should be an enjoyable experience (yes we really mean that!) 
  • Understanding

    We will always be empathetic and understanding - so please never worry about talking to us! We welcome any constructive feedback or feature requests. However please understand we can’t always make things happen quickly, as much as we would like to!
  • Centred on experience

    Our partners and members are what make our business run, and it’s a business for you. We want to hear about your experience and will do everything we can to make it better!
  • Professional 

    Whilst we are friendly and will be ourselves, we always remain professional, and provide you with the most efficient experience. 
  • Quick resolutions

    We strive to have a one touch resolution where possible, there’s nothing worse than phoning a company and being passed round the houses! We’ll deal with your enquiry where we can from start to finish, and if we need to speak to a different department we’ll get back to you - we don’t want you waiting on hold! 
  • Respect

    We will always treat you with respect and care, and know your time is precious.  All we ask is for your respect and understanding in return!